Winter Pool Tips

Save Money and Your Pool Equipment

In areas of mild winters where you do not drain the pool but have occasional freezes, changing your timers can save you money on your electric bill and prevent costly repairs to your equipment.

 Winter Pool Tips– Hasa Products

During the cold weather months set the timer on your pool equipment to run the daily filtering during the night instead of the daylight hours. Running the equipment during the late night and early morning hours will protect the equipment from freezing and save you money by only running the equipment once a day. Also, in many areas energy costs are reduced during these off peak hours.

The filtering system should run 1 hour for each 10 degrees of water temperature.


The pool water is 60°
The pool equipment should run six hours.
During the winter run the equipment
12:00 Midnight to 6:00 AM or 11:00 PM to 5:00 AM