Hasa Pool Products is a family owned and operated business that prides itself for a long history of providing both quality customer service and quality products. Hasa Sani-Clor is the purest, safest, and fastest working chlorine bleach available. Hasa Sani-Clor is also one of the least expensive forms of disinfecting swimming pool water. Upon application, it destroys algae, bacteria, viruses, and other microorganisms.

Nevertheless, being green is not a new concept to Hasa, Inc. Hasa Pool Products has been keeping your water AND world safe and clean since 1964. Further, by purchasing Hasa Muriatic Acid and Hasa Sani-Clor in the 4/1 deposit case, customers have saved money by not paying for redundant plastic bottles and/or paper boxes.

Remarkably, with the pioneering 4/1 deposit case, Hasa Customers have saved over 95 million pounds of plastic from clogging up our landfills! Hasa is the oldest company with continuous use of a recyclable product – 49 years!

It should be noted that Hasa, Inc. now manufactures a new quality of Sodium Hypochlorite for water treatment, industrial and agricultural use. With the installation of a sub-micron filtration system, Hasa, Inc. manufactures a higher quality sodium hypochlorite than has previously been available to manufacturers. Hasa’s Sodium Hypochlorite is filtered for purity!

All of Hasa’s products are professional strength. Relax; Hasa has the Pool and Spa products you need!   Hasa is small enough to know you, yet large enough to serve you!  We remain dedicated to helping you enjoy clean, clear, and safe water.